Zoom for Webinars and Courses

Zoom is a product that enables you to hold meetings where you want to use a video camera or share what is on someone’s desktop.

It started out being a product that was widely used by marketers but over the past few years has grown and is now widely used by organizations of all sizes. This growth really started when Microsoft bought out Skype and the quality seemed to drop. Now Zoom has much better audio and video quality than Skype.

Zoom is an ideal tool if you want to hold webinars where you are showing slide decks or to share a desktop to demo a product.

Using Zoom people can attend your live events and you can record them at the same time for use in your sales process. These replays can be used in any form of automated sales funnel for as long as you like.

Here’s an example of a marketing presentation we did using zoom.

Building Your First Course? Use Zoom !

You can use Zoom to create your first course. This is the most frequently used approach:

When you are ready you advertise your new course as a Live group coaching event, and you can say it will begin in the near future. You could give a start date, but experience says that you might need to keep postponing it as more and more people sign up for it. And remember perfection is the enemy of good.

Then when you have your audience ready you will use Zoom to broadcast Live and remember because this is a course you will need to schedule more than 1 event – once a week, daily…..

By recording each session they then become the course you will sell. Now, you can use automation to keep selling this course without needing to be available yourself to deliver it. You might add the occasional face to face session to answer questions and add extra value but you don’t need to!

A Screen Capture Tool

The market has many many products that enable you to record your computer screen, However, lots of them require you to spend time editing the videos when you have finished recording. Zoom is simple to use and in most cases requires no editing when the recording is complete.

You can record what you want and then with a single click you can upload it to the internet. There is nothing further you need to do – quick and simple.

Many of the videos you will see where the presenter is showing slides or showing a desktop then it is likely they have been recorded using Zoom.

Zoom is a critical product that w highly recommend.

Zoom is a product that is priced to make it affordable no matter where you are in terms of business growth.

Learn More about Zoom Pricing and Plans Here

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