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What Can Clients Expect To Achieve?

The main focus of my work with clients is to deliver a consistent stream of new prospects and customers. To do this I focus on working with clients to build the most appropriate sales process.
I help clients grow their business by making the most of the internet to grow faster and reach more people more easily.
I help clients find alternative streams of income by using what they already have a repurposing it for the internet age.
I show clients how automation frees them from routine activity which gives them more time doing what they should be doing – running their business.


​​​​​​​ Why Mike

I love making technology work for other people particularly using the internet to make things easier for them.
I like to give you the choice of doing it for yourself with guidance from me or doing it all for you.
Having spent nearly 40 years working with businesses of all sizes I know that there is no one size fits all solution, so I work the way that suits you best.
I have always worked with technology helping customers automate their processes whether they are sales or business solutions.
I’ve worked for, consulted with and sold services to some of the best-known brands in the UK.


Do It For Me - "I Want Do Not Want To Do It"

This is the total solution to setting up your sales automation system. As I can only do a limited number of these solutions there is an application process to go. 

Here's what you get:
Me - I'll personally take control of your complete project, ensuring that we develop the best strategies to take your business in the direction you want. I will, in effect become a member of your team delivering the best solution to grow the business.
My Team – We will use my team of partners to ensure the strategy we develop is executed to the highest possible standard. This team comprises – graphics designers, copywriters, and traffic generation specialists. 
End Result – A process that is performing to its maximum potential to generate customers and sales.

If you actually want to take responsibility and do it yourself. I will work with you to develop your ideal plan and then to deliver on your strategy. In this solution, I support you from initiation to implementation, but the actual work is done by you and your team.
Here's what you get:
Me - I spend time every fortnight in your business to ensure progress and that you are ready for the activities that need to be undertaken in the next 2 weeks. You will be able to contact me whenever you need via email or a weekly appointment by phone or Skype
My Team – My team will be on hand for help and advice. 
End Result – Someone from my team (may or may not be me) will be available to attend whatever meetings are appropriate, to train you on the new activities and offer advice when needed. 

Train Me - "Show Me How and Help Me Do It"

We’ll design your sales process from start to finish and then implement a plan of action to build it.
Here's what you get:
Ideal Customer – We'll review who your ideal clients really are and define their pain and action points so you know exactly what to say to them.
Monetization – The most enlightening part of the process. We’ll look at how to monetize your product and service offerings properly for maximum revenue.
Sales Funnel – We’ll plan a sales process to put your ideal customers into your monetization sequence – all on autopilot!

Help Me - "Show Me How And I'll Do It"

Helping You Consistently Generate Customers

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