It doesn’t matter what you want to do online – find new customers, network marketing, or affiliate marketing then there is one thing everyone needs – an automation system.

Kartra is a platform that is one of the easiest to use with all the tools you will need to create your new marketing system.

Why is Kartra different:

1. All the tools you could possible want are provided in the Kartra platform and it is the same price (or cheaper) than other platforms (such as Clickfunnels),

2. The email system built into Kartra ensures a high rate of email delivery – in fact one of the best in the industry,

3. Helps you to develop and deploy a BAM* solution no matter which version of Kartra you pick.

*BAM is an acronym for ‘behavioral adaptive marketing,’ – this is a process which enables the automation of the customer experience which would be unique to each prospect. What this does is to customize the emails, pages, videos or offers that the prospect sees based upon previous actions they have taken. These actions could be opening a specific email, watching a video to a certain point, clicking a link in a blog post and so on. By developing the system like this you are delivering a different experience for each prospect as they join your marketing funnel. Because the prospect can see that the response they get from you is based on their actions this will increase the prospects trust in you and that will greatly increase the revenue from each prospect and customer.

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Email Deliverability

For any system to be valuable it must be able to ensure that the emails it sends are delivered to the recipient. Kartra has one of the best success rates in the industry and that means you will generate more income because the more emails that get delivered the greater the likelihood that someone will buy.

Kartra is the way forward for marketing systems and you can get it now.

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