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As an online marketer who is aiming at making a lot of money and also has an income target you aim at hitting with absolute control, then the need to put more focus and concentration on following up on your Average Lead Value and also your Average Customer Value.

Average Lead and Customer Value

The average profit or gains you get from your lead or customer is Your Average Lead or Average Customer Value. In order to increase these values, the need for you to track before you can test to increase it. It is near impossible for you to be a successful and effective marketer if you ignore this process and it’s the main reason why a lot of people are having issues setting up a successful business.

To increase these values, there are 5 important things to do.

First thing to do is to track your customer and lead value, to increase your income and earnings, you can apply the Cashflow Optimization. This is an effective way of having full control over your income. This method is applicable and effective for any type of business.

A network marketer, a consultant, an affiliate marketer, a coach or an agent….your occupation doesn’t matter….it’s almost impossible to have a successful business if you are unable to increase your earnings on each lead and customer.

The right question you should be asking if you intend to make a good use of the internet to achieve the goals you have set for your business is “Where do I start?” not If I should track my lead value.

How To Have Full control On Your Income by Tracking Your Lead Value.

First things first, a marketing funnel system is required. Every successful business owner online has a funnel they are using, if they say funnels do not work, they are just deceiving you. A marketing funnel is important in the tracking of your lead value and the increasing of your earnings. It is necessary for any successful business to have a marketing funnel.

What is a Marketing Funnel?

Sales Funnel

A marketing funnel is a process usually automated that does three things: attracts customers to your products, then makes them have all the information about the product and makes the process of buying the products easier. You can add more offers to the funnel, you can also test all the processes to make sure your earnings from the funnel is improving on a consistent basis. Without this process, you are not marketing to be successful.

There are two options you have to consider when setting up a marketing funnel system:

  1. You can use your WordPress site to set up a marketing funnel system.
  2. You can make use of a system like Kartra (which is more effective than Clickfunnels). We make use of both Kartra and WordPress but you could decide to just use one of the two. Explanations on which to choose will be discussed later.

Marketing Funnels and How They Automate Cashflow (While Allowing You to Manage and Control Increases In Revenue.

A few pages and some components comprise a marketing funnel. The most important pages that you must consider for you to understand how it works are explained below.

Lead Capture Page

This is where traffic is driven and where leads are collected. It could be the customer’s email address or there could be more – the answers to questions that could be asked so your funnel will display the necessary information required by the customer and also the offers that meets their expectations and requirements. The email address of the customer is important so an automatic follow-up process can be created whereby they get updates on your offers and the information they would like to have about you thereby making purchase easier.

Lead Magnet

The customers can be asked to give you their email by offering a free or discounted product. The Lead Magnet could be in the form of an eBook, a webinar or a video and it is very valuable and useful for the customer. If you are sure they will pay for shipping and handling, it could also be in a physical book. If you are selling a high-ticket item, you can offer a free consultation only if you offer a product or a service worth $1000 or more.

Landing Page

After the customer has entered his email, this is where he lands. A most important part of the funnel because this is where Ad Tracking Pixel or other “tracking pixel” can be installed in order to allow the system track the performance of the different marketing and also where the leads come from. This is not only important in letting you track the ads or social media marketing that is more effective, but it also allows you to test it and also allows the funnel to be improved in different areas. If you are really interested in the increase of your earnings as well as making your work easier by automating it, you need to Track.


It is possible to track the most efficient and effective Lead Capture Pages and other pages. The different “Lead Magnets” can be tested so you know the one that yields a lot of leads or customers that are fully ready and willing to make purchases. The testing of your different sales pages or email follow up protocols is done here. You are a couple of steps higher than people whose marketing is still a guessing game because you now have full control on your income and you can determine it on a daily basis. It is easier to perform this feat on Kartra than on any other platform, but with a tool called ClickMagick, you can also do it using WordPress.

Cashflow Optimization

Now that you have completed an important part which is the use of different tracking tools at important areas to Track within your marketing funnel, you can now start Cashflow Optimization. You can precisely increase your earnings when you want with these five simple steps. With the application of Cashflow Optimization, you can now determine your earnings once you have the marketing funnel and tracking set already.

Your earnings per customer and lead is open to you and you will notice any change in the funnel if there is an increase or a decrease in the earnings per lead. If you notice an increase, you can keep it and move on to the next Cashflow Optimization step. If otherwise you have to try another method. With this, you are assured of an increase in your earnings with little stress and effort. A professional marketer is what you have become with the removal of guesstimakes or uncertainty. Once you have implemented it, your workings are on the necessary information supplied by the data and hence you cannot fail at it.

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