What do you know about affiliate marketing?

Did you know it’s a multi-billion-dollar online business? It provides a sales force for your business without you having to employ anyone. But if you are new to the idea of affiliate marketing then you cannot know how it will help your business with new leads and sales.

Affiliate marketing can help your business to grow in a couple of ways no matter what market you are in.


What you really need to improve cashflow is leads that are interested in your products and not just once but on an ongoing basis. However, to pay the advertising costs to attract all those leads can be very expensive There are free marketing approaches that can be used but the downside here is that they need time and effort that as a business owner you might not have.


The objective is to be making a profit (or at a minimum not making a loss) before you even started the sales process. Can you picture the scenario where you get lots of new customers visiting your online sales process, getting to see your products who have already made you a profit before they even got in your funnel? The way to succeed on the internet is to make sure you get money for adding potential customers to your list. If you do this then the costs of advertising is covered and you can generate more income from each customer.

And that’s what affiliate marketing can do for your revenue.


Affiliate Marketing

What you need to do is find a product that is owned by someone else but will pay you a commission if you sell it for them. You can find products like these on affiliate networks such as jvzoo, clickbank or other affiliate platforms.

What is critical is that you are looking to select an affiliate product that will be attractive to customers in your marketplace and does not compete with your own products. We can help you select the right product.

For you to be able to generate thousands in monthly commission, you must become a Kartra Affiliate. If you have a blog (and we can build you one for $99) we can then help you build a stream of free leads. You will build an ad campaign that attracts your target audience who want to buy your affiliate product.

You can use a variety of ad networks for this such as Bing, Google, YouTube, or Facebook.

It is this ad that will direct people to a lead capture page, where you will be able to tease the prospect with a video and headline that will let them know how you can solve their problem as soon as they continue into your marketing funnel and in the process you get their name and email address. Next, you will send them to your landing page from here, so as to start building a relationship with them, you send them something that is of value to them in solving their problem (or answering a key question). A recommendation of the affiliate product with a high converting sales page is the ultimate goal, so that you can start to generate commissions as soon as the prospect enters your funnel.


You will be increasing the revenue you are generating per lead when you make use of this model and offer additional affiliate products through email (using the email address you captured earlier in the process). This will also make your Average Customer Value and Average Lead Value go way up. You can now present your own business offer to your audience because you’ve succeeded in turning a struggling business into a cash flow machine. Predictable cash flow is what we call this type of system. Though, you can eventually build your own sales page that will convert you may not have the resources and time to put all that together now. Therefore, the faster solution to this is the model I just described.

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