How to Start Affiliate Marketing With A Blog

How would you like to get FREE LEADS from Google every day? And what if Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines could do the same thing, too.

Where they send people, like clockwork, into YOUR OFFERS!

Such FREE LEADS could be sent to your affiliate links that are paying you commissions. In fact, this is how thousands of people make full-time revenue online on a daily basis.

This type of income is highly automated revenue and is what people call the “laptop lifestyle” because it gives total freedom. You can even get the search engines to send leads to your own products or services, but here will continue to focus on your affiliate deals since this is the fastest and easiest way to start online revenue generation.

You’re going to want a blog to optimize this free traffic strategy. This Affiliate Starter Blog is for budget beginners who want to start building a blog. This blog is yours to do with as you will. We will set it up for you and we will then walk you through our user-friendly courses to help you publish your own version of the information we will give you.

The most valuable part of the classes is to see exactly how SEO (Search Engine Opimization) can generate free traffic. This is the first big step to generate online commissions. Set-up cost one-time $99. You need a domain name and hosting to store YOUR blog and website. Usually a domain name is $10 a year, while hosting is only 3.99 per month or $23.88 per year.

Affiliate Marketing

More About the Affiliate Starter Blog

In 3-7 days, you will receive your blog and answer a few simple questions like the subject on which you want your blog to be. If you are not sure where to begin, we will even help you figure it out. You’ll see how to quickly post content. We will show you how to use affiliate networks such as “Clickbank” to find affiliate offers over and above those products that we give you to sell as affiliates.

We will show you how to link your blog to the affiliate offers, to get commissions started. And most importantly, how to double the same free SEO (search engine optimization) process that I’ve had over the years. Push your blog free of charge to traffic.

But not just any traffic!

We teach you how to attract the right traffic to buy what you sell (through the key terms used to target the audience).

This can be a great base for those who are not ready to have their own homepages or landing pages or to even maintain an email list. And you can upgrade to these features and walk through it if you want to add Lead Capture pages and sales pages to your blog and make it a full-time site that works like your own marketing and sales funnel.

In reality, after you buy the blog, you will see a presentation of how you can upgrade your blog and help us convert it into a marketing system that generates an email list, and that includes also content that gives value to that list as well as to your blog.

Read to learn more about purchasing the Affiliate Starter Blog on and start creating free drives into the affiliate offer(s) of your affiliate programs with SEO. You don’t just get this blog if you buy the affiliate Starter blog, you read how to use it to generate cash flow and guidance!

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