How To Get Referrals with Upviral

Upviral is a product that helps you get referrals as prospects enter you email list.

The way it works is that you provide something that is valuable (a video, ebook, class etc) to the prospect in return then give you the email addresses of friends or colleagues who might also have an interest in your products or services.

A referral like this is no longer dealing with a cold lead but a lead who has a social referral. This is going to increase the chances that the new person will buy something from you and an added bonus is you did not have to pay for this additional lead – it came for free.

How This Works…

You will be getting leads from social media, emails or ads and they will provide their name and email address on your lead capture page. They will then be taken to a landing page where you will give them the opportunity to give you more emails for more valuable things.

The landing page will encourage them to obtain the bonus product you are offering if they provide you with other email address in the form on the page. You could ask for just one more email address or a number of referrals. If you make doing this simple, and providing a bonus, it can really increase the number of leads coming into your business.

You must make sure that the email received by those that have been referred is personal and it must contain the name of the person who referred them. That makes it seem like a message from the referrer and can lead to more sign ups.

How The Numbers Work…

Upviral has some examples that show how valuable this can be and the numbers do make sense. Let’s assume the free product is of great interest and you get a few prospects referring a few of their friends who recommend a few of their colleagues take a look then you get exponential growth.

If we assume that you can generate 100 leads a month from your ads.

And, for every 5 signups you get they give you the email addresses of 3 new people (don’t forget these are free leads).

Do The Sums…

Of the 100 signups you got from your ads 20 of them would give you the email addresses of 3 more people. That’s 60 extra email addresses for nothing.

But that’s not all!

Those 60 free prospects will also be given the opportunity to refer people and using the same figures that means 12 of them would each refer 3 people. That means another 36 free prospects.

And so it goes on – from the 36 there would be 7 who would recommend the offer to 3 people – another 21 free prospects.

From the 21 there would be 4 who would pass it on to 3 people which means another 12 free prospects.

From the 12 there would be 2 who would pass it on to 3 people which means another 6 free prospects. From the 6 there would be 1 one person who would pass it on to 3 people which means another 3 free prospects.

Giving You a Grand Total of Free Leads…

Following this approach the total number of free prospects you would get by getting just 100 people to respond to an ad (or a blog post, or social media post or…..) would be 138. That means for every 100 you get by your own efforts would, using these figures, give you 238 prospects. And I am sure you can see that is a massive difference and that is what Upviral helps you to achieve.

To get this viral marketing approach doing “its thing” for your campaigns then you need to think about adding Upviral to your funnels and see what works for you and your market.

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