How Does Word Count Affect Your SEO?

Word count itself likely isn’t a ranking factor, but it may directly impact other ranking factors.

If you use SEO checking software on your website or blog you will see that nearly all of them count the number of words in your posts and articles. This article in the Search Engine Journal looks at whether Google actually cares about the number of words.

Clearly a 10 word sentence is not going to be well ranked but the conclusion doe seems to be that you need to be comprehensive but that doesn’t mean you need to write a set number of words.

There are also a couple of interesting links to other articles – The review of LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) which is an approach to how search engines use Keywords tends to suggest that there is no real evidence that LSI helps in ranking in the search engines.

So, if we are not going to use Keywords too much how should we rank in the search engines?

Firstly, we should use headings and sub-headings. Modern SEO looks for clearly labeled and structured data or information and anything we can do to help the search engines will be a positive step.

Secondly, we should understand the terms that are used in our market and make sure we use them appropriately. Search engines now look for words that are usually used together to understand meaning and by making sure we use those phrases (or long-tailed keywords) we are making our topic and meaning clearer to the search engines.

And lastly, as we have already said – clarity is critical. Dont try confusing with lots of synonyms be clear and precise in the message you are trying to put across.

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