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Fiverr is a website where you can find low cost providers to get any assistance you need with your marketing, branding or general business needs.

Look at the logo that was made by someone I found via Fiverr for just $10:

Doing things with the least effort to get the most results.

Get Things Done For Little Money Using Fiverr

There are people on Fiverr who can recreate content for you so that it is unique to you.

Another frequent use for Fiverr is to find someone who could make videos for you to them put on You Tube. If you don’t like being recorded, but do want to use free marketing strategies that are implemented via YouTube then using Fiverr is a great source of resources. Sometimes this can be done for as little as $5.

Get a Free Account on Fiverr Here and Check It Out

Do You Want a Logo for $10?

There are instructions below this if you want to get your own logo from the same person and hopefully it will be at the same $10 price. Don’t go for exactly the same – change the font or the color or…..

Follow on to find who did the logo for me:

Sign up free with Fiverr here

Then get an account at Fiverr (easy to do).

Then search for Fiverr user – jassybaby1.

When you have found her then you can select the $10 option. When you complete the order details tell her you would like a logo similar to and remind her she made this logo)… The order is for a similar logo but using your initials and what color you would like.

On the other hand you could ask her to create something totally different and don’t forget she will make a second option if you don’t like the first one.

However, there is a chance she is no longer on Fiverr or has put her prices up. In that case there are plenty of others on Fiverr that will do it for you.

Don’t Spend More Than You Need!

I think every marketer used to spend a lot of money on business and marketing items – when they probably could have got it done cheaper. I know I have spent hundreds of dollars getting logos designed in the past when I can get it done for $10 today.

The whole thing is – why relearn lessons we have already learnt and save yourself huge amounts of money. Fiverr is a the way to get things done at a realistic cost.

As the internet has grown over the years it has opened up a global marketplace that has simplified the process of finding talent at a very reasonable price point. Even if you decide not to use Fiverr then you should at least look for alternative solutions to get things done.

In conclusion, you can save money (and therefore make more profit) by trying Fiverr. It is free to sign up and once that done any you have a need you should try it and see what happens – worst case it costs you $5. Sign up free and next time you need a service, give it a shot.

Sign up with Fiverr for reasonable priced services.

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