Automating Marketing

Have you ever promoted a money-making system which appeared to make money for others but didn’t quite spit out cash for you? Well, in this article, we will be addressing the reason why.

We will be taking a closer look at how good money is made from pre-designed automated marketing systems, so that you can join the train of profit makers.

For this article, we are placing focus on Affiliate and Network Marketing systems or any other marketing system that provides you with a pre-designed lead page, email page, capture page and a finalized sales presentation page.

Before we begin, here is yet another question that must have been on your mind.

“Why does the system work for others and not me?”

The answer is quite simple.

If in real life, you have learnt how to regularly provide useful information and value to a group of people or on social media, then this system can also help spit out a lot of cash for you too, all you need is to introduce something very valuable to the already built system.

Why? Because you have gained the trust of those people already.

This is stating the obvious, but in case you do not know it.

It is very important that the value or service you wish to sell is on the topic of marketing. Or at least to business opportunity.

For a starter, there has to be a group of people you are sure will be interested in, or appreciate what you are selling or the service you are providing. You can communicate with them either via your automatic emails or on social media.

But you need to realize that it is more than mere motivational quotes or insights about how you have improved yourself. These things can be easily obtained anywhere. You need something substantial, something people are in dire need of.

It’s not rocket science, how could you expect to make real sales if you do not already know how to provide value to a group of people.

Most of these systems claim that all I needed to do was to advertise and it would help build my list and drive sales all by itself.

This is what they state, but it doesn’t seem to work for you right? They tell you that all you need to do is promote the lead capture page, and the system would automatically help you generate sales on your behalf. But, why doesn’t it just work?

Here is why

When you leave the system on autopilot, you do not get a tightly finished process. And in most cases, the functions they can perform are exaggerated and they cannot build trust with clients and prospective customers. So, it can only work for those who already have a relationship with the person they know is recommending it.

Here’s the deal

You might be thinking to yourself, all you need is to get more people to see the ads and then you will get more signups. The more sign ups, the better your chances of winning.

But here’s the thing you missed, even if you can put enough people in the system can get enough of them to the point is starts to pay you.

You can achieve success with it if you know how to arrange things in a way that allows you to build a relationship with the new leads using automation before you redirect them into the system you wish to promote or are already promoting. This way, you also join the train of top earners.

Sometimes, the system does excellently well in building a relationship with the person who made the system rather than with you.

If this is the case, then you are set on a course for failure if all you think about is short-lived success.

Here is what you missed…

The real money is made at the end of the process.

The back-end is the place where you sell your products, affiliate programs or network marketing services (which ever you decide)…

It is really where the BULK of the money is made..


This is called Cashflow optimization, and it is a procedure that is used to increase your average lead value (this means what you earn on each lead). It is a very important part of the online success strategy that you must adhere to if you are going to make substantial amounts of money.

This strategy is only effective when you are able to develop a cordial relationship with your leads using the automated system. It is only a few systems that make use of this because it is a time-consuming activity making it seem very hard for them to help you.

Here, we’ll help you understand how to incorporate all of this together.

It is totally acceptable is you are using a pre-designed system and it is also expected that they are the ones who will make things such as the sales video. This helps to build a relationship between the predesigned system and the prospective customers. As a matter of fact, this would help increase the commission you earn.

But that should not be all!

The process of building relationships with your leads (that is the people on your email liast) should be automated.

You should be the one introducing the system and the one always talking to them.

You have to constantly provide them with real value in different ways so that you constantly have them coming back to buy more as time advances. This is the key to developing substantial income (making money from more than one source on autopilot).

This is the place you make real money.

This is how you win.

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